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Loqness TT Lock

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A smart solution for every use: rent, hotel, home or office

Loqness TT Lock is the perfect solution for making every door smart. By integrating with TT Lock app, it allows you to control everything about our smart lock and offers you security and convenience by using the latest technologies and best materials.

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TT Lock Mobile App

Manage everything about your doors and locks using the TT Lock app: locks, keys, users, cards, settings.

Bluetooth LE

Connect to your lock using AES secure Bluetooth connection and transform your phone into a smart key.

Numeric code

Define and share all kind of numeric passcodes, temporary, permanent, recurring or one time entry.

Mifare card

Easily Generate IC cards when needed. A single card can open more than one lock.

Wi-Fi gateway

Access your lock in real time from anywhere in the world by using our G2 Wi-fi gateway.

Full control in your pocket

TT Lock app allows you to control everything about our smart lock. You can unlock your door with a simple tap on your phone via Bluetooth when you are in the range. Also you can create, share and manage all types of eKeys or passcodes, issue cards and check access records or setting. When a Wi-Fi gateway is added, you can do all these in real time from anywhere in the world.

The administrator can create time limited, one time and permanent ekey.

  • Time ekey is valid for the specified time
  • Permanent ekey can be used permanently
  • One time ekey can be used only one time
  • Recurring passcodes can be used only in specified time period, including daily type, weekday type, weekend type, and more

After an ekey is genereted, it can be shared using SMS.

The administrator can also create and share numeric passcodes.

  • Permanent passcode can be used permanently
  • Time passcode is valid for the specified time
  • One time passcode can be used only once
  • Erase passcode is used to delete all the passcodes the lock has set
  • Recurring passcodes can be used only in specified time period, including daily type, weekday type, weekend type, and more
  • Custom passcodes can be set on any validity period wanted by administrator

After a passcode is genereted, it can be shared using SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

The manager can delete, reset, send and adjust the eKeys and administrate all the aspects regarding the eKeys users.

All generated passcodes can be viewed and managed in the password management module. This includes the right of changing, deleting, resetting and unlocking the password.

When you are near the lock, in the bluetooth range, you can issue IC Cards. The validity period of the IC card can be set either permanent or time limited. All IC cards can be queried and managed through the IC card management module.

Here you can see all the record of user access: user name, type of access, date and time.

System settings include all the aspect regarding your lock options: sound touch to unlock switch, group management, gateway management, notifications, language, security settings, reminder and options for transfer smart lock.

If you want to use our smart lock for your hotel, you can use TT Renting app. You can define and manage rooms, locks, staff, users and all other aspects regarding managing your hotel or your rental apartments.

By enabling “Attendance mode” in app setting, you will activate all the options needed for setting up the lock for your office:

  • Define business informations
  • Add, view and manage staff
  • Issue staff ekeys, passcodes or cards
  • Set workday, workweek and holidays
  • Check employee attendance

The gateway is a bridge between smart locks and home Wi-Fi networks. Through the gateway, the user can remotely view and calibrate the lock clock and read the unlock record. Meanwhile, it can remotely delete and modify the password or ekeys, from anywere in the world.

A smart lock for every door: UPVC, metallic, aluminium or wooden

With its reduced dimensions, Loqness TT Lock smart lock is easy to mount on almost any type of door by simply replacing the existing lock. Because of the integrated mechanical drive system, there is no need to replace the existing mortise.







For renting

Permanent, timed or one time access types let you manage your rented locations as you need. You can manage all your locations from one place and create and share the ekey or passcode according to the accomodation or renting period. The passcodes or ekey are shared to the tenant automatically. There is no need to be there if a change of reservation is made or if you need to restrict access for any reason. Also you can define access for cleaning staff or maintenance on a certain schedule: days, hours.

For residential

With Loqness TT Lock you can can keep your home safe too. It’s easy to install on any door and let you keep your existing mortise. You can give specific access to your door to any person you need: friends, relatives, housekeeper or maintenance. You can choose the day and hour the delivery man can bring you the long waited package or you can issue a one time ekey or passcode for unwanted emergency situations. It’s perfect for any family or lifestyle.

For hotel

If you have a hotel, Loqness TT Lock is a solution for it too. TT Renting app, both mobile and web-based, let you define a custom room layout and administrate it from one place. You can issue passcodes or ekey that are shared to the tenant automatically when checking in. Also using the RFID encoder you can issue cards directly at the reception.

For office

Loqness TT Lock can be the perfect solution for your office too. You can define your business details like working weeks, hours or holidays. This way you can view and management your business and your staff according to your needs. You can issue ekeys, passcodes or cards for your employees, check the attendance of all employees on a certain day, see early departures and late arrivals or book the meeting room online and get a timed passcode.

Care for design, inside and out

With the same innovative design, Loqness TT Lock is carefully crafted from every point of view. Our smart lock is built using premium quality materials with high resistance to moisture and corrosion.

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Four ways to unlock and manage access

Intelligent control using the TT Lock mobile App

Optimized dimensions for most doors

Very easy to install, keeping the existent mortise

Modern design with premium materials

Secure and AES encrypted communication

Battery operated, no need for wires

Intuitive display and voice guidance

Wi-Fi Gateway for unlimited possibilities

When a gateway is added, a new world of possibilities is opening. You can connect Loqness TT Lock to your Wi-Fi using our G2 gateway and control it from anywhere in the world. Using the app you can share e-keys, generate passcodes, manage records or change lock settings in real-time. Loqness TT Lock is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google home.

Wi-Fi gateway

Amazon Alexa

Google Home