Smart acces solution for every single latch door and not only

Loqness Knob is a revolutionary smart lock that offers you the perfect solution for transforming every door into a smart door. It was developed to bring together security, style, convenience and seamless control by using the best technologies.

A special design for a specific purpose, with 4 ways to unlock your door

Loqness Knob is a special smart lock that can help you fully control your single latch door and not only. You can easily use it with your fingerprint, a numeric code, a card or, when nearby, with your bluetooth connected smartphone using Tuya Smart App. Also, when nearby, you can control everything about your lock directly in your dedicated Android an iOS app: define admin or guest users for fingerprint, card or code access, acces log and other settings.


Open your door at a glance by using latest generation, very fast and easy to use incorporated fingerprint sensor.

Tuya Smart App

Manage and control all the aspects abou your locks by using the dedicated Android and iOS App for your smartphone.


Connect to your lock using AES secure Bluetooth connection and transform your phone into a smart key.

Numeric code

Define unique and secure numeric codes, temporary or scheduled, for family or guests.

Mifare card

Use any type of Mifare card when access via proximity cards is more suitable for you or for other people.

Control in your pocket, with Tuya App

With the dedicated Tuya App for both Android and iOS devices you can easily manage permanent or personalized access according to your needs and all aspects related to your lock: keyless entry, users, doors and locks, access log, access types, numeric key sharing, password management and much more.

Technology crafted for convinence and control

Loqness Knob smart lock has reduced volumetric dimensions, making it easy to mount on almost any type of single latch door (and not only) by simply replacing the existing lock. Thanks to the integrated mechanical drive system, there is no need to replace the existing mortise.


Open by fingerprint

Open by app/bluetooth

Open by card

Open by code

Open by mechanical key

Voice guidance

Iluminated keypad

Automatic lock (5 sec.)

Wrong code entry alarm

Anti-peeping code

Low voltage alarm

Free pass mode

Automatic single point lock

Multipoint lock by lifting the handle

Carefully designed, inside and out

With an special design, Loqness Knob smart lock is an all-around carefully crafted product. The materials used for its construction are of premium quality, with high resistance to moisture and corrosion.

Four ways to unlock and manage access

Inteligent control using the mobile App

Optimized dimensions for single latch doors

Very easy to install, keeping the existent mortise

Modern design with premium materials

Secure and AES encrypted communication

Battery operated, no need for wires

Intuitive display and voice guidance

The package includes

1 x External assembly

1 x Internal assembly

2 x Connecting rod bolt

1 x Latch

2 x Spindle

2 x Screw B

4 x Screw A


2 x Backup keys

2 x Card

1 x User manual

Package dimension (HxWxD): 246mm x 132mm x 84mm